7 Minds - A collection of Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

7 Minds chain is one of the leading concept hotel chains in Israel
The chain has adopted a unique approach in the process of creating its concept hotels:
starting with CUCU Hotel, which has a unique concept; The cool new boy in the neighborhood, the liberated artist, the cool place you always wanted to be.
Each and every one of the hotels excels in a characterization that sets it apart from the others.

7 minds provides a unique and unforgettable hospitality experience, each hotel is born from an original vision and built according to a unique concept that is perfectly adapted to the spirit of the place, its history and the human-cultural texture that characterizes its surroundings.
Each hotel is a world in its entirety, with its own personality and character which attracts diverse audiences that all have in common a high and uncompromising standard.

The chain was founded in 2015 and over the years has become a unique chain with a reputation in the city, with unique concept hotels that combine a high sense of service with meticulous design.