Nordoy Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Hotel Nordoy offers guests the chance to revisit Tel Aviv and experience the same
views as the hotel's guests did nearly a century ago– brought together with the updated amenities
and standards of service in one of the most attractive and inviting tourist destinations today.
This hotel offers a casual elegant feast for all senses:
it is a place to truly fall in love with real Tel Aviv, connecting its magical past with its dynamic present.
Hotel Nordoy is a tourist site in itself:taking you on a unique journey in time, viewed through today's eyes.
It is a precious jewel that maintains the utmost respect for its legacy.
A local gem that has preserved its truth. An icon. A legend in its time.
Our rooms are spacious and designed in the spirit of Tel Aviv's early days. They combine ultimate comfort with unique style, so that our guests feel refreshed, relaxed and respected. Renovating the original rooms and respecting their design, we maintained the large sized measurements that were the standard in Tel Aviv.
An icon in the Tel Aviv skyline, the dome has been transformed into a unique urban spa for our guests. Treat yourself to any one of our pampering massages, setting you into a state of serenity. This is what vacation feels like.
Once you enter the hotel, the magic of its atmosphere draws you in to unwind, enjoy a spa treatment, recline with a book or a meal and just be...


Hotel Nordoy is located at the heart of it all, in the place where the city was born and continues to flourish as a diverse and vibrant area. Read more
Originally established in this classic Tel Aviv neighborhood, the hotel is conveniently located adjacent to Nahlat Binyamin and its arts and crafts market, and close to Carmel Market, the sea, lively restaurants and trendy bars. Hotel Nordoy has it all for everyone – whether you want to take it slow and enjoy the views, enjoy a leisurely stroll down to the beach, sit down for a great meal or stay out all night… everything is right here waiting for you.