Sam & Blondi Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Welcome to Sam&Blondi Hotel.
This hotel was inspired by the story of Sam and Blondi.
Sam and Blondi are the couple that exists in each and every one of us,
in every couple or pair. Sort of opposites, but when together – they are complete.
A couple that makes visits to Tel Aviv so special and unique.
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Together, they always find themselves on the perfect vacation that suits each of their tastes and personalities.
Sam&Blondi Hotel proves that the sum of all parts is one.
Sam and Blondi are the kind of couple that when you observe them,
and their lives, you wonder, who is that? Sam? Blondi? What kind of vacation will you have? And your second half?...
What we can say for sure is that it will be a complete vacation. Just like Sam and Blondi.
The story of Sam and Blondi was written by the renowned author, Udi Sharabani.
This story was inspired by Tel Aviv as well as Sam and Blondi's adventures around the city.
You are welcome to explore the written world of Sam and Blondi. It is a story that is worth a Book & Stay with us in Tel Aviv.
Each of us has a bit of Sam and Blondi in ourselves. Come and join our story in the unique yellow Sam&Blondi Hotel.
Sam & Blondi Hotel offers 45 rooms, divided into 4 categories: Deluxe, Deluxe Balcony, Studio & Sam&Blondi's Terrace Suite.
Most of the rooms have a unique balcony, some include a soaking tub and tanning beds. Overlooking the stunning view of Sheinkin street, in the hippest neighborhood in Tel-Aviv city.
You are invited into Sam&Blondi's treatment room, for a bit of rest and relaxation. Here you can enjoy a variety of massages, provided by top-quality massage therapists.
Spa, Bike Rentals, Rooftop terrace & dining ... everything you are looking for - you will find here.


Sam & Blondi is a boutique hotel with 45 rooms, situated in a historical conservation building from the 1930s. It is a yellow gem with picturesque green windows. The hotel is located on Shenkin  Street, in the heart of Tel Aviv, a short walking distance from the most appealing places in the city. The hotel's street leads into Rothschild Boulevard, Nahalat Binyamin, Carmel Market and Frishman Beach. The hotel's design is Eclectic European, and just like in the case of Sam and Blondi, it's all about the smallest details.